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Blue Fairyの商品を取り扱うドールショップです。Sora*iroだけの限定商品なども不定期で販売致します。


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PF Pin tuch one-piece
PS0402 Sora*iro limitedcolor

PS0402 Sora*iro limitedcolor 

[Low Stock]
everyday clothes

everyday clothes 

Berry Beans『Berry Pink』

Berry Beans『Berry Pink』 

[Stock Quantity 14]
Berry Beans『Beans Green』

Berry Beans『Beans Green』 

[Stock Quantity 19]
Sora*iro Blog
About the free choice of Jimmy
This is the information about the free choice of Jimmy.

Order period : From 12th,July to 15th, July.(Japan time)
Please make the payment within 3 business days after your placing initial order.

You can choose
Skin color : White skin, Normal skin, Baked skin
Head : Jimmy
Body : PF girl body, PF boy body, Sugar body, Pepper body
Make-up : Normal make-up(Default), Sora*iro limited make-up
Wig : Default wig, Sora*iro limited wig
Shoes : Default shoes, Sora*iro limited shoes
Outfit : Default outfit, Sora*iro limited outfit

Sora*iro limited items are available only for this free order.
It takes about 60 business day of the maker for delivery from your date of payment.

Thank you.